Tuesday, February 24, 2009

she's like..wutever!

i found her blog!
it's funny larh..
n i've read all her stories..
about her new boyfie [ouh dowg da break ouh..haha]
n bla bla bla..

she's like so0o wutever!
act malas na maki² dye..
i'm totally not like u gurlz!
if u mad or feeling sad or wutever..
u like to maki hamun people..

what are u thinking ha?
mcm la ko perfect sgt!
oke i admit it..
she's hot!
but what can u get ngn hot tuh?
u've got my husband [now he's my ex-husband]..
and finally..
u've crash wif other boys..
u talked lied about me to him!
then u've got him..
that's what u want rite?
but after that..
u're unfaithful!

u said that i'm being unfaitful to him but then!
u did that to him!
n now..
u fuck ur new boyfie coz he cheated..
u deserve that!

that's what u get when u destroy other's life.
n if u keep doing that..
your life not gonna be wonderful girl..
u talked lie about me to him..
but i kept quiet nor talk shit about u to him even i know that u are unfaithful..

u wanna know why i did't do that?
because i am not like u!
i am not!
i'm more than u!
i never defamation people just because i'm not satisfied with their life!
that stupid okeyh!

u got money,style n everything..
why not u just live your life..?
u don't have to talked shit about anybody else juz because she got what u don't have!
and i've notice that u lack love from your friends..
poor u!
how could u talk bad about your bestfriends?!
she just wanna advise u and make sure that u not do something stupid!
she knew that u are unfaithful..
but she did nothing!
why do u hate her so much?!
but now..
i think her life is more easier n calm without you..

u still young gurls..
u're younger 4 years than me..
u still can enjoy your life..
but without talk shit about other's life..
just live ur life..
i'm sure it is not so hard to do that


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