Sunday, February 15, 2009

questions from sys fareeza

1. who r u?
-i'm ciby of course..:p

2. r we frens?
-nope!we r not a frenz..u r my sys la dear..;)

3. when n how did we meet?
-at schools of course..but i forget when do we know each other..

4. do u hav a crush on me?

5. giv me a nickname n xplain y u picked it.
-sys sangap subit²..haha u like 2 cubit me everytime we met la!:D

6. describe me in one word.

7. wut was ur 1st impression?
-not remember :0

8. do u still think dat way bout me now?

9. wut reminds u of me?
-still don't have the answer!haha

10. if u could giv me anything wut would it b?
-my attention..:)

11. how well do u noe me?
-hurm..dunno la..we rarely meet n contact rite?

12. when’s da laz time u saw me?
-stesen lrt rite?kite lepak same² coz ujan lebat..

13. ever wanted to tell me sumthing but couldn’t?

14. r u going to put diz on ur blog n c wut i say bout u?
-tamau..semak²!haha bluuweeekkk!


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