Sunday, February 22, 2009

Remove 1 question from below and and add in personel question, make it total of 20..

1. if u could spend RM1 in 5 minute,what would u spend on?

2. what is most favourite thing to do?
-eat eat and eat!!!!!:D

3. what kinds of news u read?
-ta minat la bce news..haha [pe punye anusie la ku nih]

4. what r u doing rite now?
-jwb tag sambil mam nasik goreng..ceeedaaap!!

5. is there someone in ur heart rite now?
-him ;)

6. do u believe u can survive without money?
-of course!everything we wanna do need mmoney..even if wanna pee pn kne gne duet pe..abeh tu takn ta basoh?air en kne bayar gak..haha

7. do u know ur BMI??
-pernah tau!haha

8. what do u feel doing rite now?
-worry [tomorrow cgemistry paper larh!]

9. if there's someone who u love, do u confess him/her?
-dunno..ta kowt

10. list out 3 good points of the person who tagged u?
-saypet,saypet and saypet!hahaha [jaat uh akuh!]

11. what is the thing that make u thing she is kind?
-she always rite my side whenever i need her :)

12. what is the thing that make u think she is bad?
-she hate my adek sumil!huhu they are innocent larh!why do u hate them?how could you!hhuuuaaaaaa [emosional gler..sedgkn die ta ske meow je..haha]

13. are u left-handed or right-handed?
-i'm right-handed

14. if u had to eat something in rest of ur life, what would it be?

15. if u had to choice to be rich or happy, which would u choose?
-rich!sye mau kaye duit..kaye budi pekerti dan kaye dgn ilmu!hoh

16. if u have a chance, which part of ur character u would like to change?
-kuat melantak..huhu

17. who is the people u can share ur problem wit?
-them and him!lalala :p

18.makan or tido?
-both!but lg best mam la en..haha

19. antara kekasih dan parents...mana korg dahulukan n mengapa?
-parents first!

20. do u hava a 'bantal bushuk'?
-i can't live without it!haha

ari ni ku baek ati uh..
tamau tag spe²..


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