Friday, January 27, 2012


macam mana percayanya hati ni pada dia...
tak dapat nak dipastikan...

tapi jauh di sudut hati...
i believe in him

and sy tahu dia pn sama..

i'm sorry 4 being feeling loosing you
i know u'll never do that
i know u're always here with me

but please listen
listen to my heart
i don't want this relationship hanging just like this
i'm sorry if i've been pushing you

i'm afraid
afraid if i'm craving for your love..
i'll lose His love

i hope u'll understand
i want us together..
with His pleasure...
get His bless...
live happily with His love

and will never stop waiting
Allah... give us what we've been ask...
if not.. replace it with something better..
i know that You know what is in our heart...
it is so hard.. it's not easy... try to get rid of him from my mind and try to think about You. but thanks Allah. thanks for always being wih me
help us Allah..
so that we won't lose Your love


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